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Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Fullows Triple offset high performance butterfly valve


Fullows Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

Engineered valves for Demanding Applications



- Complete size range 2’’ - 60’’

- Triple offset

- High performance stem seal

- Metal to metal seat

- Positive shut off bi-directional

- Inherently firesafe design

- Conical sealing system for low torque

- One piece shaft for precise control

- Laminated seat ring stainless & graphite

- Floating” disc


Typical applications

- Chemical / petrolchemical

- Oil and gas production

- Steel mills

- District heating / HVAC

- Pulp and paper industry

- Power plants


Fullows - Triple offset

1st offset The shaft is located behind the seat on the disc, providing an uninterrupted” conical seating surface.

2nd offset The shaft is below the centerline of the disc, allowing the seal to lift off the seat immediately when opening the valve.

3rd offset The cone axis of the seat is offset from the centerline of the pipe. All points of the seal are uniformly compressed against the seat with radical loading when the valve is in the closed position.


Fullows - High performance stem seal

The narrow chamber keeps the v-ring graphite packing stacked closely and securely to the valve shaft during high cycle applications


The superior finish of the interior packing chamber and valve shaft assures long service life. The smooth finish reduces friction and maintains a zero leak, low emission stem seal.


Constant 360° “even” packing load is exerted on the packing through the adjustable two piece packing gland. Studs connected to the valve body distributed load evenly for ZERO stem leakage and ZERO emissions.


Fullows - Laminated seat ring

The layers of graphite compensate for the lack of smooth mating surfaces, so the laminated seat ring provides bubble tight shut off even in gas applications.


Each individual layer provides an independent sealing mechanism that is unaffected by damage to others.


The resilient disc seal flexes and energizes, assuming the shape of the seat. The compression forces are equally distributed around the perimeter to provide a tight bi-directional shut off. The resiliency of the seal allows the valve body and disc to expand during high temperature applications.


Fullows - Zero leakage sealing system

Zero leakage results from the unique design of the disc element and meticulously machined seat to create a perfectly matched disc/seat fit. This design also ensures that the metal seat and metal laminate seal are never in contact with each other while the valve is cycling. Contact is made between disc seal and body only as final shut off position is reached.

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