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Ball Valves Series

Fullows Ball Series

12 advantages of ball valve

1. First sealing: The v-shape packing on valve stem, which is characterized to be deformed in order to transmit stem’s pressure to valve body. The packing’s material could be changed into soft graphite under customer’s anti-fire need, which can bear with 800 °C above and the packing still existing for sealing purpose.

2. Second sealing: Due to deformation of the U-shape spring of Energy-storage-ring, it makes ESR to maintain highest closeness on valve stem and body, which can redouble sealing effect.

3. Third sealing: Under the pressure transmitted from valve ball, O ring can prevent the direct rubbing between stem & body and also provide supplementary sealing effect under low pressure.

4. L-shape washer: The design on L-shape thrust washer can avoid the rubbing with valve body from vertical and horizontal directions.

5. Anti-static prevention: Bead #2 transmitted the static to valve body and under close contact with valve ball, bead #1 transfer the static to valve stem.

6. Invisible gland: The gland is hiding under ISO-5211 high-platform for purpose to block stem leakage by adjusting nut A and B of the gland-flange without dismounting the actuator, even pipeline under covering of heat preservation cotton.

7. Inclining proof of valve stem: At top of stem, fixture of stem sleeve for matching up the L-shape thrust washer organizes a combination of fixing effect for assuring the exact middle position of valve stem for avoiding the horizontal rubbing and by adding of a C-shape buckle, it will prevent the vertical movement to maintain the stability of stem.

8.  Blow-out proof structure: The valve stem will not been blow out from valve body due to reliable structure between valve stem and body.

9.  First safe designing: Special design of metal ball seat could replace perfectly PTFE made ball seat, which might be melted/gasified under violent fire above 800°C degree temperature.

10. Body gasket: There are two concentric circles each at valve cover and bottom in order to fix correctly the body gasket for receiving the extra part of gasket material, which assures intensively the best sealing effect.

11. High-platform: High-platform (under ISO-5211 standard) could be installed with different actuators and also 2 sets of PCD (bolt cycle on a flange) for customer’s choice.

12.  Invisible stopper: Invisible locking stopper fixing inside ISO-5211 platform for not preventing from installation of actuators, but this stopper must be removed if the ball’s rotation over than 90°.